Hot New One Shot Manga From GiftedCuddo:

One Nation

Embark upon a journey of an epic tale that will
have you on the edge of your seat.

Introducing "One Nation" One Shot:  Unleashing a world where the rare
Jahka wield the elements against
the malevolent Falo!

Dive into a captivating world with action-packed scenes and a
heartfelt mentorship as Arkano and Riah push the limits of their
elemental crafts to protect their homeland.

  • Meet Unforgettable Characters: Join an ensemble of compelling characters, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds. From the spirited heroes to the enigmatic anti-heroes, witness their personal growth and the bonds that form as they navigate the challenges of their shared destiny.
  • Epic Adventures Await: Brace yourself for epic adventures! "One Nation" takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from heart-pounding battles to tender moments of friendship and love. Every page turns into a new realm of excitement and discovery.
  • Stunning Artwork: Behold the breathtaking artwork that brings "One Nation" to life! Talented artists have meticulously crafted each panel, ensuring that every scene is a feast for the eyes. The dynamic illustrations make this Manga a visual masterpiece.

About GiftedCuddo

GiftedCuddo's goal is to create one of the greatest manga and then anime the world will ever see. Something truly world changing, while also inspiring the next generation of anime/manga fans and creators.

Meet the Main


“I have a nonchalant personality, but I am passionate about mastering my swordsmanship techniques.”

– Arkano

“I am a shy young woman working to build my confidence. My attire is inspired by a mix of 90's, Asian culture and modern-day fashion." 

– Riah

“I am a captain of the Hityro Soldiers. The half-moon crescent in my right eye is the source of my power.”

– Fang

“I am the ruler of our Kingdom. I rule with a very strict hand. I am both respected and feared amongst the people.”

– The Deem

“We are hand selected by the Deem to serve and protect our kingdom. Becoming a Hityro Soldier is no small task.”

– Hitryo Soldier



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